IMR: Entries: 2003: October: 16 — Thursday, October 16, 2003

In Passing

In a few hours, I'll be boarding a plane to hui with some wild web writers in Texas.

What on earth was I thinking?

Yes, I'm going to JournalCon, for the first time since the first one in Pittsburgh nearly killed me. Despite Jen's best judgement, it looks like she's going to let me board the plane tonight (with 25 pounds of chocolate covered macadamia nuts), and she'll valiantly wrangle Katie and Zac while I'm off gallivanting with Greg and Dreama and Amanda and Heather and Stephen and fellow islander Beth and over 100 other nifty people (including Jason, who's bravely agreed to split a room with me for a couple of nights).

No stopover in Portland to see Nate and Jaimee this time, though. Continental is taking me straight to Houston, requiring only a short hop to get to the Texas capital.

I'm supposedly speaking in two panels. I hope it hasn't been a good season for extra juicy tomatoes.

Continental Flight 72Flight Time 7 hr 35 min
Departing HNL 9:15 pm Oct. 16Arriving IAH 9:50 am Oct. 17
Continental Flight 741Flight Time 0 hr 55 min
Departing IAH 11:55 am Oct. 17Arriving AUS 12:50 pm Oct. 17
Continental Flight 440Flight Time 0 hr 52 min
Departing AUS 10:12 am Oct. 20Arriving IAH 11:04 am Oct. 20
Continental Flight 73Flight Time 8 hr 5 min
Departing IAH 12:20 pm Oct. 20Arriving HNL 3:25 pm Oct. 20

Oh, sure, everyone else was busy pumping their sites up with a swarm of tasty updates in advance of this Texas confab, but not me! Oh, no, I did the unexpected, and just dropped off the face of the web (again), leaving for today, instead, just a clump of links to photos from some of the noteworthy (read: documented) events of the past few weeks.

One weekend brought a trip down memory lane, as we hooking up with much of the old PBEC crew to celebrate Doris' daughter's birthday, then the very next day wishing Sylvia a happy journey as she finally leaves Hawai`i in search of greener pastures. (Sylvia was the one pushing for a jailbreak the hardest, and ended up being the last to escape.) Soon after, the world was stunned when my brother moved out of my mom's house and moved into his own place (with his girlfriend) in town. Jen and I (and Zac) got to eat lunch with our daughter at her school (it tasted like the same spaghetti I had as a kid — and I mean the same batch of spaghetti), and did a fair share of other typical happy-family things like go to the beach, the aquarium, and a (natch) family day at the State Capitol.

There was a Japanese tsukimi (moon viewing) and a "Taste of China" expo in there somewhere too. And thanks to Mitchell, Jen and I even got out (separately) to see Kill Bill: Vol. 1 opening weekend. All told, a good time was had by all.

And that's the news from Lake Wobegone... and now I've really gotta pack!


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