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Ozawa, Todd Hekauokalani Minoru
Aliases: Belgarion, Phoenix

Todd, my taller, thinner, younger brother, doesn't look the least bit like me. Much to his relief.

We regularly tried to kill each other as kids (most of the time, I was the one with the most scars), but after I moved out and we both grew up, we got along fine.

Interestingly, when we moved to Mililani in 1987, my brother stayed in town for school while I went to Mililani High School. His musical talents were considerable, and after playing first-chair clarinet and playing in the state-wide Hawaii Youth Symphony, he graduated from Kaimuki High School in 1995 and entered UH-Manoa on a music scholarship.

When I briefly moved to Hilo, he assumed the helm of the dial-up Macintosh BBS I had run for years, renaming it "Dolphin Safe." When I was appointed editor of Ka Leo, he joined the staff as a writer. He took eight years to graduate with his Bachelor's Degree — beating my protracted term by a good margin.

Todd has held a number of interesting jobs, from serving drinks and dancing on a catamaran to selling hats in Waikiki. Since graduating, he's been teaching, a job he's particularly suited to (and one that members of our family generally trends toward). Among his many hobbies, most cherished would probably be role-playing and card collecting. His skill at "Magic: The Gathering," in fact, led him to play in an international tournament in London in the summer of 2005.

He and his girlfriend, Heidi (a Pearl City High School graduate), have been together for over a decade.


As the world learned on Halloween night in 1994, Todd makes a very convincing woman.


Born 13 December 1977 in Honolulu. Graduated from Kaimuki High School in 1995. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology from UH-Manoa in 2003. Now teaches elementary school with the Department of Education.

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