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[ Movies ]   [ Rating: 45_of_50_stars ]
Among earthly posessions, few things are fawned over and personified more than cars. But can Cars, the latest animated release out of Pixar and Disney, translate that material lust into genuine love?
Posted to Movies on July 17, 2006
[ Movies ]   [ Rating: 25_of_50_stars ]
Spiderman 2 is a good film, but it's a weak superhero flick.
Posted to Movies on February 9, 2005
[ Movies ]   [ Rating: 25_of_50_stars ]
Disney is just going through the motions with this farm flick, but there's a chuckle or two to be had.
Posted to Movies on April 23, 2004
[ Movies ]   [ Rating: 40_of_50_stars ]
Walrus vomit aside, this set-in-Hawaii love story is a fun, surprisingly warm gem of a movie.
Posted to Movies on March 12, 2004
[ Movies ]   [ Rating: 40_of_50_stars ]
Never taking anything too seriously, George Clooney cinches this sharp, quirky romantic comedy.
Posted to Movies on February 23, 2004
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