IMR: Extras

Bells, whistles, assorted knick-knacks... everything else you've come to expect from an online journal, and more. Now somewhat in order of update frequency (or your likely level interest)!

  • Linking and thinking.
  • Digital dispatches from almost anywhere.
  • Quick clips captured while out and about.
  • Assorted personal and collected multimedia.
  • Random notes collected for no good reason.
  • My "Yes, I finally updated!" notify list.
  • Tick tock, tick tock...
  • Look into the future of our DVD player.
  • My own collections of like-minded linkees.
  • Rings, 'burbs, cliques and groups I've joined.
  • Read the graffiti, or write some of your own.
  • Go ahead and sneak a peek. If they're on.
  • Get a second opinion. (But not often.)

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