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[ JuICQ ]Despite its quirky interface and recent purchase by net behemoth America OnLine, Mirabilis' ICQ instant messaging system remains among the most popular internet tools (or toys). With JuICQ — pronounced 'juicy q' — you can reach out and touch escribitionists who are tuned in to this technology.

Aaron L."Hollow Streets"2974780[ Status ]
Allison Grace"A Woman's Diary"38330716[ Status ]
Allura Ellington"I Am Smitten"1248329[ Status ]
Alove"Confessions"11817428[ Status ]
Amanda J. Cobb""8470587[ Status ]
Björkdoll"Bathing in the Eclipse of a Sun"33032722[ Status ]
Bobbi"Elsewhere"1860536[ Status ]
Carol"Suicide Blonde"5496472[ Status ]
Carolyn"Carolyn's Diary"13125074[ Status ]
Carrie Richmond"Earthmovers and Sandcastles"62369557[ Status ]
Catherine deCuir"About Journals"15183074[ Status ]
Chip Bennett"Pallative Polemic, The"5927973[ Status ]
Chris"Collisions"1602358[ Status ]
Christie Bahlai"Internal Monologue"10207204[ Status ]
Craig"Alchemy"13783158[ Status ]
Danielle"Chipped Pink Polish"61839598[ Status ]
Dreama"This Precious Shining"9642497[ Status ]
Dustin Vannatter"Utero"385939[ Status ]
Edea"Oblique Ingenuity"51042007[ Status ]
Eli Boulton"Intergalactic Life"101855641[ Status ]
Halsted M. Bernard"Euphemism"1275457[ Status ]
Illiana"Distant Sun"3516124[ Status ]
Immy Weaver"My Life On The Line"1885502[ Status ]
Jane Ancheta"Berkeley VENTS"16061184[ Status ]
Jennifer Ozawa"Hale Kilinahe: The Journal"9083455[ Status ]
Jess"Multicolored"39063905[ Status ]
Jody Vilandre"Sitka Surfin'"2655106[ Status ]
John W. Randal"Tangerine"34296284[ Status ]
Josh Doolittle"Silent Nights"9484186[ Status ]
JulieR"Cerebrations"8147148[ Status ]
Kara Leah"Maybe She Got Lost in Mexico"5242821[ Status ]
Kat"Pandora's Boxers"83982325[ Status ]
Kathryn"A Size Too Small"105541935[ Status ]
Kim"Under the Moon"41908974[ Status ]
Kim"Randoym"60959898[ Status ]
Kristen"Du Jour"7616661[ Status ]
Lady Lamia"Confessions of a 20-Somethin' Goddess"8267912[ Status ]
Lisa Nichols"Till Human Voices Wake Us"13864694[ Status ]
Lynn"Garbage of Eden"25883588[ Status ]
Mai Nguyen"Soft Rain"57771681[ Status ]
Mark">-("8528395[ Status ]
Mary"Conversations Among the Ruins"30878773[ Status ]
Matthew Sturges"Same as a Picture"6004874[ Status ]
Meghan Kelly"A Light in the Attic"40961353[ Status ]
Mike"15 Megs of Fame"41745042[ Status ]
MK"Hyperbolical"45156782[ Status ]
Morgan"Tunneling"1651956[ Status ]
Nicole"On My Lap and From My Mind"44826726[ Status ]
Paul Mannering"3rd Eye"507677[ Status ]
Peta"See.Saw"2257217[ Status ]
Purple Primate"Purple Primate's Journal"4818622[ Status ]
Rachel"Seven Thirteen"20775412[ Status ]
Razorback"Somewhere In Time"4639441[ Status ]
Ryan Ozawa"In Medias Res"9022125[ Status ]
Ryan Steele"Blue Steele"9893386[ Status ]
Samantha Marcelo"Bowing Down To My Addiction"14165054[ Status ]
Sara"Normal Like You"12715706[ Status ]
Sarah Bruner"Mirror Mirror"22954888[ Status ]
Shana"A Look Askance"39257081[ Status ]
Shannon"Wank"93408392[ Status ]
Shelly"Notes from Shelly Central"22397525[ Status ]
Sherry Osborne"Blowing Bubbles in the Wind"94227846[ Status ]
Stef"Fiendish Thingy"1185708[ Status ]
Sunny Chung"Sunny's Recycled Bin"598319[ Status ]
Todd"Back to Basics (Without a Gun)"51511753[ Status ]
Wing Sze"Diffusion"4924951[ Status ]
Yesenia"Light in Your Soul"18524440[ Status ]

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