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Pacific Club, November 15, 2004

Technology and Digital Journalism
Honolulu Community-Media Council
The Pacific Club
Monday, November 15, 2004

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News Segment on the Panel
By Chad Blair, HPR News
Hawaii Public Radio (88.1FM)
Friday, November 26, 2004

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November 1, 2004 · Honolulu, Hawaii — The Honolulu Community Media Council, Hawaii Pacific University's College of Communication and Master of Arts in Organizational Change Program, Chaminade University's Hogan Entrepreneurial Program and ThinkTech Hawaii are pleased to present a Technology and Digital Journalism panel and audience discussion on Monday, November 15 at a special meeting of the HC-MC at The Pacific Club.

Has digital journalism made us better informed, more misinformed, more cynical and more passionate? How does a journalist function effectively in this digital world? How does a reader sift the real from the too easily fabricated? Who tunes out -- and who tunes in because of digital journalism?

Technology and web journalists are changing the media world. Some say the Internet and its citizen journalists are dismantling Big Media's monopoly on the news. Others have concerns about digital journalism: loosened journalistic ethics, plagiarism, and maliciousness.

These are some of the issues that the panel and audience will address. Leading the discussion will be Ryan Ozawa, active in Internet communities for more than a decade and an unabashed advocate of personal publishing and cyberjournalism (Diarist.Net); Burt Lum, long-time observer and commentator on internet trends and the formation of online communities including digital journalism (Mindwind Labs); and Malia Zimmerman, digital journalist and president of; HC-MC chair Beth-Ann Kozlovich will moderate the panel and audience discussion.

Established in 1970, HC-MC is the oldest of the nationís three volunteer media councils. The council is composed of individuals from the media and community and is a non-partisan, non-governmental independent group which seeks to promote accurate and fair journalism in Hawaii, broaden public understanding of the role of the media and strengthen public support for the First Amendment rights and freedoms, and improve public access to information. For more information, please visit our web site at

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