Answers: Taste Test — February 14, 2002
1. What is the name of the moon orbiting Pluto?
Correct answer: Charon.
Explanation: Named for the ferryman of the River Styx in Greek mythology, who carried the dead to the underworld.
2. Who was the mother of the first 'journal baby'?
Correct answer: Renee Daughtry (Erica in 1998)
Explanation: Although 'journal babies' are all the rage today!
3. What was the first minimum wage set in the United States, and when?
Correct answer: 25 cents an hour in 1938.
Explanation: Enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
4. The first JournalCon conference was held where and when?
Correct answer: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2000.
Explanation: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October 2000.
5. Which of these countries has NOT participated in every Olympics since 1896?
Correct answer: Italy
Explanation: All the others have never missed a single Olympics.
6. Veteran journaler Diane Patterson studied what and where?
Correct answer: Screenwriting at the Univ. of Southern California.
Explanation: "I left Northern California to attend Film School at the University of Southern California and get a Masters degree in Screenwriting."
7. Behind 'Titanic' and 'Star Wars: Episode IV' (1977), what was the third top-grossing film in the U.S. of all time?
Correct answer: Star Wars: Episode I (1999)
Explanation: Star Wars: Episode I netted $431M, followed by E.T. ($399M) and Jurassic Park ($356M).
8. Which of the following Beatles' songs was written and performed by George Harrison?
Correct answer: Something
Explanation: 'Something' was the only George Harrison song to grace the A side of a Beatles single.
9. In 'Star Trek,' what was Captain Kirk's middle name?
Correct answer: Tiberius, tiberius
Explanation: Kirk's middle name was first revealed in the animated episode "Bem," and was mentioned again in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991).
10. Who won the Best Actress award in the last Academy Awards for her portrayal of a real-life crusader?
Correct answer: Julia Roberts, Julia F. Roberts, Julie Fiona Roberts
Explanation: Julie Fiona Roberts, born Oct. 28, 1967, won for her performance in 'Erin Brokovich.'
11. Austin journaler Omar had which web domain hijacked when?
Correct answer: in October 2001.
Explanation: "Terribly Happy, the domain name, has been swiped by a company in Colorado called Consulting First, Inc."
12. The target of a virus warning, sulfnbk.exe, is actually a Microsoft Windows utility that is used to restore long file names.
Correct answer: True
Explanation: The hoax email was first reported in Brazil, and the original email was in Portuguese.
13. GoogleWhacking is:
Correct answer: Finding one-of-a-kind results in the Google database.
Explanation: See Gary Stock's site at Unblinking.Com.
14. You know Diaryland was created by a guy named Andrew. But what is his last name?
Correct answer: Smales
Explanation: He doesn't use his full name online often, but it's front and center in media interviews.
15. In which city will the Olympics be held in the summer of 2008?
Correct answer: Beijing, beijing, Beijing, China
Explanation: Beijing's bid beat out Istanbul, Osaka, Paris and Toronto.
16. The southernmost point in the United States is located in which state?
Correct answer: Hawaii
Explanation: South Point, on the Big Island of Hawaii.
17. Helium (He) is the first, lightest, and most abundant atomic element in the universe.
Correct answer: False
Explanation: Hydrogen (H) takes the prize, with an atomic weight of 1.008 (versus Helium's 4.003).
18. Who won the first Diarist Award for Best Writing?
Correct answer: Atropine by Elizabeth Badurina
Explanation: Awarded in May 1999. She's still at
19. For just over a year - September 2000 to October 2001 - the popular Webring linking service operated under a nearly disastrous arrangement with which big-name 'New Economy' company?
Correct answer: Yahoo!, Yahoo, yahoo, Geocities
Explanation: Geocities bought Webring (Starseed) in 1998. Yahoo! bought Geocities in 1999. Today, Webring is once again independent.
20. Reknown New York journaler Kymm Zuckert is nicknamed for which small insectivore?
Correct answer: Hedgehog, hedgehog, Hedge hog, hedge hog
Explanation: "Hedgehogs... look much like an upside-down oval bowl that is covered with sharp quills." Kymm, we are told, does not.
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