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The NogginBox is a small GIF image that Top Noggin players place on their main journal or diary page.

Unlike other site buttons, we want you to link the graphic on our server. That way, NogginBoxes (NogginBoxen?) everywhere always display the latest Top Noggin news. And using the special NogginBox link, the NogginBox can alternately take people straight to the current Top Noggin champion's site, or back to the Top Noggin site!

Cut and paste the below NogginBox code into your web page.

<a href="" target="_top">
<img src="" width="175" height="50" border="1">

That's it! No edits needed! Thanks for joining the ranks of Nogginators.

Remember, you can play anytime, but in order to be a certified Top Noggin (and have a chance to be the NogginBox-linked champion!), you need to sign up for the super special, somewhat sporadic Noggin Runs — in which time is also a factor.