What is Top Noggin?

Participating in Top Noggin is as easy as falling off a log. Perhaps a bit easier, even!

Top Noggin is a trivia contest, with a few little twists. Most importantly, Top Noggin was created for people who have online journals, diaries, or personal weblogs. Top Noggin questions are also (we hope) unusually varied, and you can find a question about the McDonald's Big Mac in the same quiz as a question about intermediate chemistry, or African history, or dog racing.

And the kicker is, there will always be questions about online journals. If you know the answer, great! If you don't, just maybe you'll learn something new about the genre, or about one of your peers out there.

How To Play

If you just want to play for fun, that's fine. Just plop the NogginBox on your site, take the current quiz, and see how you fared against other journalers!

Although we do ask you that only take each quiz once, you can keep coming back with every new quiz to test your knowledge of Top Noggin trivia. And of course, to keep Top Noggin interesting, we'd love it if you'd suggest a question now and then.

Want to play for real?

You'll still need the NogginBox, and you can go ahead and take the current quiz. But to be in the running for Top Noggin Champion for the next quiz, you need to sign up.

By signing up, you'll be added to the Top Noggin notify list. While this will get you important Top Noggin updates, the main purpose for the list is to announce the Noggin Run. You'll get the first notification of (and direct link to) new Top Noggin quizzes the instant they are posted. From then, the race is on.

The Top Noggin Champion — the lucky, brainy journaler who will taste the joy of the NogginBox link — will be the Nogginator with the highest score among the first twenty people to complete the quiz.

(If you're signed up, we'll also track your Top Noggin scores across multiple quizzes, allowing you to climb the ranks of All-Time Top Noggins listed on the main page.)

Either way you play, you can win. Only journalers who sign up can be Champion, and only Champions get the NogginBox link. But even casual players can conceivably get a higher score (since they're not racing against time), and get listed in the Top Twenty for more fame... if not fortune.

And either way, we hope you'll have a good time.

Disclaimer Thingie

Now, we're not trivia professionals. Not only are our answers not infallible, but we definitely know the journal questions will tend toward the obscure. Please don't kill us! This is all in fun. And if you do get thoroughly frustrated, we'd be happy to take suggestions for better questions.

The good news is, we verify the findability of our answers via the gold standard of search engines, Google. (That is, even if the answer comes from the twenty-third edition of the "Jamaican Guide to Birdcalls," we know we can't expect you to have it on your bookshelf.)

The bad news is, looking up every answer is a bit... uncool, and is discouraged. Besides, wrong answers are just as easy to find, and thus, we urge you to try and answer all questions off the top of your head.

It's more fun that way, anyway!