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Fu, Kimberly K.
Aliases: Biker Bitch
Web: None

Kim is one of the best journalists I've worked with at Ka Leo.

She first served as Associate Features Editor under Greg, then took over the desk when I hired Greg as Managing Editor.

During that time, Kim was transformed from one of the happiest, friendliest people on staff to one of the toughest, meticulous and occasionally crankiest editors I've ever seen. Not surprisingly, much of that change has been credited to Greg.

Hers was often the only section I didn't have to worry about filling pages or meeting deadlines. Hers was also the only section to hold regular, structured weekly meetings with writers -- something I often advocated but rarely did myself.

After she graduated, I didn't hear much from her for some time.

Then I discovered she still checked her e-mail. Not only that, but she seemed to have kept in contact with just about everyone under the sun. I have since become a satisfied patron of the "Kim News Network," the best source of post-Ka Leo gossip and industry news.

She also came to my wedding in November.

She worked a few years as a clerk at the Star-Bulletin, but moved to Vallejo, California in June 1999 to pursue her higher aspirations. She'll get that Pulitzer Prize yet.


Birthdate March 23, 1973. Alma mater unknown. Graduated from UH-Manoa with a B.A. in journalism. Currently dreaming big in San Francisco.

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