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Kaneshiro, Donica Tsuneko Croot
Aliases: Doni, Squashy, ME
Web: None

Donica was one of the conspirators responsible for my applying for the position of Editor-in-Chief of Ka Leo back in 1995. When I got the job, my revenge was appointing her Managing Editor.

Donica dubbed me "EIC-y" (proununced, perhaps fittingly, "icky"), a nickname that somehow remains stuck long after I packed away my grease pencils.

She left Ka Leo quite suddenly in the fall of 1996 after landing a job at a "real" newspaper (see also: Greg). She's been there ever since, through thick and thin (including the near shutdown of the paper in 1999), and she is now a veteran layout editor.

She remains fast friends, of course, with several former Ka Leo coworkers, including Mio, Martha, Jennifer Dawn and Wai Kee.

She's been with her beau, Jason Kaneshiro (another Ka Leo survivor), for several years. They're so cute together, it's almost disgusting. The two got engaged in early 2000, and were married on July 28, 2001.


Donica had, at one time, a decidedly unhealthy addiction to the NBC sitcom "Friends."


Birthdate 24 July 1974. She graduated from Kalani High School in 1992, and graduated from the University of Hawai`i-Manoa with a B.A. in journalism. Currently employed at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

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