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October 14, 2006


Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour & Restaurant returns to Hawaii at Windward Mall. White straw hats and pinstripe vests, burgers and franks and fries and soups and salads, a drum, siren, and bell for special deliveries, fun birthday songs, decadent desserts that serve ten ($22.49 for a "Diamond Head," $42.49 for a "Mauna Kea"), a candy store, and lots and lots of people and noise. Just as it should be.

You can also view this video at YouTube, Blip.TV, or Google Video. Directly download the above Quicktime movie (240x180/10MB) file, or the iPod-optimized file (MP4/34MB) here, courtesy the Internet Archive. The MP4 served up in the feed is here.

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