July 12, 2005
Friends of the Library
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Missed me? Was busy fighting pneumonia and working on my podcast. Also been mulling the big switch.

Anyway, I remembered to bring my camera on our annual visit to the Friends of the Library book sale at McKinley High School. Sometimes we leave with ten pounds of books but only a few dollars poorer. This year, we only picked up three kids' books and a used CD. Still, it's great to be immersed in a frenzy of book love once in a while. If only to remember how little time you have these days to read.

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Posted by Ryan at 08:08 AM


Was getting a little worried...glad you're back, and well. I've had a Mac and a PC for as long now as I can remember. I must say that my PC is getting less and less use these days. The ol' McKinley book sale -- I wonder where they store all those books they don't sell. I could've sworn I saw a book I donated years ago.
Posted by: Chris at July 12, 2005 9:40 AM

Let's talk about the "Switch". Do you Know much about the Powerbook. I think this is the next toy. What do you think? Hilton@OptimumWorld.com
Posted by: Hilton at July 13, 2005 10:21 PM

Just get a Mac Mini with 1GB of memory!! (dont buy the memory from Apple, though). My brother just picked up a new Mini and loves it. PS. Keep up the good work with the Video's
Posted by: Eric at July 16, 2005 1:45 PM

NICE Videoblogs!! Just discovered them through iTunes. Would love to film some myself. Unfortunately I dropped my month old camera in the Seven Pools - Maui while I was there on holiday last year. Still saving for a new one :) Oh..and I'd love to make the switch too. I'd like to buy a mac mini though I'm not sure it's the best choice for creating podcasts & do video editing?
Posted by: aTom at July 17, 2005 5:15 AM

Ryan, don't get a mini mac. I would suggest a 1.25 eMac from the refurbished store. If you make sure to get the apple care it will be slightly more than buying a mini mac. I love my Macs...good luck! if you need any help with the new mac letme know.
Posted by: Mick I at July 17, 2005 7:09 AM

i loved this. i love used books and to be surrounded by so many wow. love the smell of a musty library. so many books so little time. especially children's literature!!! maybe i should get back to work now...
Posted by: ai at April 3, 2006 10:11 AM

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