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October 10, 2006

The Mandarin Cafe

Lunch with Jen, Alex, and Gail (HawaiiDiner.com) at The Mandarin Cafe, a
"Koreanized"Chinese restaurant on Cooke Street (725 Kapiolani Blvd.,
593-1188). We had the sweet sour pork (crunchy and Alex's favorite), za
jang men (wheat noodles in a thick bean paste, a Korean comfort dish Gail
affectionately called "axle grease" and Jen's favorite), Mongolian beef on
long rice, champpong (spicy seafood soup and my favorite), capped off with
a unique glazed apple dessert (that took 20 minutes to make... methinks
someone had to run out to the supermarket for apples!). Delicious. Less
sweet, more spicy takes on Chinese food plus some Korean classics. We'll be

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