NaNoWriMo Breaking News
October 30, 2003

Hey Everyone!

Just one day left until we fire up our computers and begin dazzling the world with our magnificently competent prose. Hopefully, you've all been bingeing on the internet-surfing, TV-watching, and routine acts of personal hygiene that will be falling by the wayside come November.

I celebrated my last days of freedom by getting in a car wreck last night. I'm ok, as is my girlfriend, and both of us were already novelizing the whole event even as we exchanged insurance information with the jerkface who rammed us with his pick-up truck.

In some ways, the collision just confirmed something I've long believed: The universe loves novelists. As soon as anyone decides to write a novel (especially if they are foolish enough to decide to write one in a month), the cosmos opens up a rich vein of material, just primed for the pilfering. From overheard conversations on the bus to stranger-than-fiction news reports to odd constellations of raccoon-shaped clouds, the powers-that-be get so nerdily excited when we attempt something beyond ourselves that they just deluge us with scenes and artifacts to helps us on our way.

I think the latest theory from astrophysicists has the universe shaped like a soccer ball ("football" for those of you outside of North America). From my amateur noveling experiences, I would contend instead that the universe is shaped like my grandma, who spends much of her time cutting up the local paper so she can mail out reams of potentially interesting articles to her offspring.

So thank you, grandma-shaped cosmos. I have an opening scene for my novel now, and it starts with a bang.

Here's hoping your gathering of novel bits has been going equally well (minus the out-of-control pick-up trucks, of course). Tomorrow night around midnight, I'll be emailing out the first NaNoWriMo pep talk to everyone. If you want to receive it, make sure your spam filters accept messages from, and make sure you have checked "yes" on the newsletter option of your NaNo user profile.

With warm regards and a swollen neck,