NaNoWriMo Breaking News
October 13, 2003

Hey there! Everything is going well as we head into the ides of October. Some exciting goings-on around NaNoland:

In two days, our pack of wild cyber-beasties will be unleashed on all the inactive accounts created in 2002. If you've been procrastinating on clicking that link in the reactivation email we sent you last month, please do so pronto, lest your account face the menacing slobber of our iron-jawed deletion robots.

Also, I wanted to put in a plug for our Laptop Library. Every year, we loan out a fleet of clunky-but-functional laptops to computerless NaNo participants around the world. This year, we have many more requests for laptops than we do computers to fill those requests. To find out how your dusty old laptop can help make someone's noveling dream come true, head on over to our Laptop Library page.

More soon!