NaNoWriMo Breaking News
October 6, 2003

Hey there!

Ok, what is up with the forums? I remember them being kind of addictive last year, but this year they've become downright dangerous. You stop by for a post or two and the next thing you know, three days have passed, your carpal tunnels have collapsed, and your eyeballs feel like desiccated cashews. I think it's probably all for the best, though. The last thing we want to do in November is alienate everyone around us with our superhuman feats of productivity. ;)

Does anyone else have really weird dreams leading up to NaNo? I've started having my annual NaNo stress dreams, where I'm naked in a field, trying to protect our server from locusts and small, pitchfork-wielding Belgians. But I also have these strange, non-technical dreams that are unlike the sleepthoughts I have the rest of the year. More nougat-y, somehow. Crunchier and more vivid. It makes me wonder if it isn't my lethargic creative side, slowly coming out of its 11-month slumber.

It could also be the apocalyptic amounts of coffee I've been drinking.

Dr. Russ, our resident tech genius, asks that you continue to send him site/server errors as you get them so he can further enhance the enormous forcefield he's been building around the NaNo megaverse. If you encounter any jargon-filled error screens, please copy the text of the error and send it to Russ ( Along with the error text, Russ asks that you include your browser and version (IE 5, Netscape 4, etc), along with your operating system (Windows 98, Mac OS 9, etc.), the time the error occurred, and whether it cleared after hitting "reload."

Finally, I wanted to send a shout-out and bouquet of love to Julia, NaNo's Managing Editor. If you've sent any questions or problems to in the past two weeks, Julia has been the one who has been fielding them with dexterous aplomb. Julia is on a big deadline right now for a boring, non-NaNo project, and her teeth are probably falling out from the stress. Go Julia, go!

Hope everyone's well,