NaNoWriMo Breaking News
October 3, 2003

Hola, everyone!

Things are looking really good here, three days in. We've had about 2000 new sign-ups since October 1, which puts us on track for the 25,000 novelists we're hoping will write with us this year. Amazing. And though they've only been open for three days, the forums have already become the enemy of productivity-hungry bosses everywhere. Way to go, forum-posters!

I wanted to remind returning Wrimos that we added a few new items to the author profiles. You can access them by signing in and then clicking "Edit Your Account" in the gray box.

Also, we wanted to alert everyone that there might be some server-based memory errors as the number of users increase, especially during peak times. We moved to our own server this past spring, and we're going to take the next three weeks to see how it handles heavy use, and figure out exactly where the geeky improvements need to be made so November can be smooooove sailing.

If you encounter any jargon-filled error screens, please copy the text of the error and send it to our resident mad scientist Russ ( Along with the error text, Dr. Russ asks that you include your browser and version (IE 5, Netscape 4, etc), along with your operating system (Windows 98, Mac OS 9, etc.), the time the error occurred, and whether it cleared after hitting "reload." He also asks that you send him some Thai food.

Listening to the new Strokes record and thinking "hmmm...",


ps: I've started archiving all previous Breaking News items in the "Important Things We Need to Tell You" area of the forums.