Writing 50,000 words a month about ourselves is one thing. Writing a fiction novel is very — but not entirely — different.

November 2001 brings the third annual National Novel Writing Month — "think quantity, not quality," a kick in the pants for the aspiring (or lazy-and-daydreaming) writer. And a number of online journalers (web diarists, bloggers, escribitionists, personal storytellers, et cetera) hope to feel the pain.

To "win," they must produce an average of 1,666 words of fiction a day. So, if you don't hear much from these brave souls during NaNoWriMo, don't panic.

[ INO50000 Certified ]Prove It: Introducing Journalers NaNoWriMo INO50000 Certification™ (with apologies to the ISO) — for those who absolutely, positively, must prove to someone that they wrote 50,000 words in 30 days! Chris Baty has announced that this year, because of the wonderfully overwhelming response, there will be no official verification of word counts. We know, however, than an independent confirmation of your completion of this remarkable undertaking can be valuable. So we're offering online journalers special validation of their insanity. Find out more!

4 Months, 9 Days, 15 Hours, 14 Minutes
Mon., Nov. 5:
8,333 words
Sat., Nov. 10:
16,666 words
Thur., Nov. 15:
25,000 words
Tue., Nov. 20:
33,333 words
Sun., Nov. 25:
41,666 words
Fri., Nov. 30:
50,000 words
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