IMR: Entries: 2003: October: 20 — Monday, October 20, 2003

Austin Away

Any trip that includes a real BBQ joint is a good one.

This entry was never finished, and what was written ended up lost forever when I ultimately sold the laptop I took on the trip. Still, the pictures survived.

Five months later, my fading memories of my last day in Austin are all good ones.

The last JournalCon sessions were fun, including a boisterous one pitting blogs against journals (in which I was honored to participate, alongside escribitionist rockstar Stephen Deken).

Afterward, Greg and his friend Andy whisked me off to lunch. The primary topic of conversation was my general impressions of Austin, and their sense of how hard it would be for me and my family to live there. Then, we hunted down Dreama (who was dining elsewhere with Kramer and friends) for one last hug.

Greg then took me on a driving tour of Austin, including along Loop 360, and we wandered the afternoon away before meeting up with a whole pack of rockstars: Omar (and his insanely adorable sweetheart), Emily, and Monty. We had BBQ at "The County Line," and It Was Good.

The whole pack of us then descended upon an Alamo Drafthouse — an incredibly cool movie theater chain that serves beer and real food — for a late showing of Kill Bill.

Greg and I called it a night after that, and the next morning brought only the groggy drive to the airport. We stopped off at Taco Cabana for breakfast though. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have "breakfast tacos" surface on menus in Hawaii.

A fun trip. I loved seeing some good friends again, I loved JournalCon, I loved the food, and I loved what little I got to see of Austin. Here's hoping I'll get back there again someday.


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