IMR: Entries: 2002: October

October 06, 2002
Blessed: There are fewer than twelve hours until my son goes into surgery. And still words are failing me.
October 08, 2002
Intensive Care: Zac is doing okay. I could be doing better. I wasn't, I realize now, ever going to be prepared for this.
October 09, 2002
Breathe: Zac's improving, slowly, though needing more blood. I, meanwhile, am slowly getting the hang of this.
October 10, 2002
Fighting: Zac hit a little speed bump this morning. But he's doing better than he looks.
October 11, 2002
The Brink: After a strong Thursday, Zac wavered a little overnight. But today could be a good day.
October 12, 2002
Breakthrough: Yesterday was a banner day for little Zac. All of a sudden, home doesn't seem so far away.
October 13, 2002
Watching: Zac is sleeping like a baby. For that, I envy him.
October 14, 2002
On the Verge: Zac is spending one more night in intensive care. But we're glad for it.
October 16, 2002
Sweet Release: Zac was released from Intensive Care on Monday. Tonight, he's finally home.

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