IMR: Entries: 2001: October

October 13, 2001
Time Flies: Jen's pregnant. I'm in China. More news as developments warrant.
October 15, 2001
Crossing Over: I'm pretty sure Oct. 12 was too early for me to be getting on a plane, especially given my feelings about air travel before Sept. 11.
October 16, 2001
Great Start: My first morning here was a rough one. And I knew how the day was going to go before I even opened my eyes.
October 17, 2001
Met Out: No doubt about it, our meetings are getting bigger, even as our staff gets smaller.
October 18, 2001
Late Escape: We finally got out, once at least, to see some of the city. And Shanghai is incredible.
October 21, 2001
Sweet Home: Me and airports just didn't get along today. But I'm home in one piece, and really, what more do I need?
October 24, 2001
New World: There was an anthrax scare on our block downtown today.
October 28, 2001
Suds and Stethoscopes: The end of the month in pictures... because the words never came around.

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