IMR: Entries: 2001: April

April 04, 2001
Landing, Looking: Even though our plane took off on schedule in Honolulu, it was almost an hour late landing in Tokyo. I guess that turbulence wasn't a tailwind.
Dispatched: Ninety minutes to Narita airport, aboard Japan Airlines flight 75, and I enjoy a rejuvenating few moments of peace.
April 07, 2001
Initiation & Communication: Busy busy busy. It beats death as an alternative, perhaps, but not much else.
April 08, 2001
And They're Off: After two days of frantic internal work, the public portion of our conference kicked off today. This is it.
April 09, 2001
Working Through: Back in the hotel room at 11 p.m., remarkably early considering, nursing two very sore feet and a mild headache.
April 11, 2001
Plot Twist: Perhaps fittingly, the swirling saga of insanity that was this conference ended with a bang. A big one.
April 12, 2001
The Return: I think I'm the only one awake on the plane. The screen of my laptop is the brightest thing in the cabin.
April 18, 2001
Dazed Recovery: I didn't sleep for four days straight, but I was definitely nothing short of a useless blob for most of the past week.
April 23, 2001
Back to the Grind: One sure way to earn points in a class you need for graduation? Be the only student to show up for class.
April 27, 2001
Silly Solitude: It figures that during this brief time of the year we're encouraged to go home early from work, I've got nothing to go home to.

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