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[ VALS: Psychology of Markets ]VALS (Values and Lifestyles), established in 1978, is one of the first major consumer segmentation systems based on lifestyle characteristics. Consumer products and services companies throughout the United States have used VALS to improve product development, product positioning, advertising effectiveness, and corporate image.

VALS Type: Fulfilled

Fulfilleds are mature, satisfied, comfortable, reflective people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility. Most are well educated and in (or recently retired from) professional occupations. They are well-informed about world and national events and are alert to opportunities to broaden their knowledge. Content with their career, families, and station in life, their leisure activities tend to center around the home.

Fulfilleds have a moderate respect for the status quo institutions of authority and social decorum, but are open-minded to new ideas and social change. Fulfilleds tend to base their decisions on firmly held principles and consequently appear calm and self-assured. While their incomes allow them many choices, Fulfilleds are conservative, practical consumers; they look for durability, functionality and value in the products they buy.

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