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Faith Hill

[ Diva ]Your inner diva is Faith Hill. You're grounded, earthy, and reliable. Relationships are everything to you -- especially the one with that special someone. Your biggest flaw, aside from being a tad bit too materialistic and flighty, is one that hurts you the most in the end: You care too much about what others think. The sad part is, you shouldn't. You command respect and have a slew of admirers who look up to you as much for your talent as your put-together, shabby-chic appearance.

You're adaptable, content with the simple things in life and easy to please. You could be just as happy at an expensive restaurant as hanging out in front of the campfire roasting marshmallows.

In terms of career, you are a bit of a perfectionist -- but not to the point of driving others crazy. You save that for yourself.

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