IMR: Author: Ansir Self-Perception Profile

Ansir Self-Perception Profile (SPPS)

[ Ansir ]The 3 Sides of You test and analysis comprise a Self-Perception Profiling System© (SPPS) that helps users identify dominant personality Styles in three realms, Thinking, Working and Emoting. The analysis is based on four years of research... Unlike personality assessment instruments, which quantify personalities into overall groupings, 3 Sides of You recognizes 2,744 personality Style combinations.

Dominant Thinking Style: Sage
Dominant Working Style: Kinsmen
Dominant Emoting Style: Visionary
Profile Boss: Visionary


  • They lose track of personal items and hardly notice clocks and calendars.
  • They're often found to be extremely intelligent.

Past events are so vividly imprinted on Sage, they recount them as freshly today as when they occurred. These individuals, with their gentle, unassuming manner, tend to be sociable and highly endeared.

Sages think randomly and often earn a reputation for being scattered and unorganized. For instance, solving a jigsaw puzzle is a linear mental process. Most start with a few core-fitting pieces then hunt, match, and build piece-by-piece, from core to completed puzzle. Sage, however, starts not at puzzle piece but at puzzle whole. Firmly holding a clear mental image of the puzzle, as if already solved, they move the scattered pieces to their proper place, matching location and arrangement with their completed mental image.

A passer-by may not immediately discern pattern of solution or stage of progress. Closer inspection, however, would reveal that though unorganized and though riddled by space and gap, viewed collectively the strewn tabletop bears an uncanny resemblance to the completed puzzle—but for fit and snap.


  • They prefer intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship.
  • One word describes them best: responsible.

Kinsmen are one of the most responsible human resource investments a company can make. Give a Kinsmen a problem, aprise them of objectives, and relax after that—for they rarely let others down. Another attribute of Kinsmen workers is their organizational skill. They gather, organize, and determine a plan with efficiency in mind. Perfectionistic and meticulous, their forté is for arranging and processing details within the context of larger pictures.

Risk-taking or innovative solutions may not be their strength but contributing to overall success is. Work is not the driving force in their lives, so working overtime or volunteering to work weekends should not be expected from them. While their need is fulfilled in the serving of others, their satisfaction is beyond the reach or glare of glass domes.

They usually prefer assistant over leadership roles. They may have the instinct but lack the interest for climbing corporate ladders or playing office politics. Teamwork, where collective efforts benefit the whole, is a concept Kinsmen understands at a cellular level. They tend to get along with everyone.


  • Many are intimidated by the confidence they exude.
  • They're impatient.

Visionary tends to be noticed. Something more than attractiveness emanates; something tangible yet elusive draws others' attention. In social situations, they often adopt an aloof persona out of innate shyness often needing time to feel a certain level of comfort before removing their don't-approach masks. Once they do, the reason for reluctance becomes clear. Few are as passionate about people and life as Visionary.

Many are innervated in their charismatic presence though equally as many can be intimidated by the confidence they exude. If others are uncomfortable around Visionarys there's a reason. Interestingly, when two Visionary "strangers" meet, either a sense of déja vu is experienced or sexual sparks are ignited.

Intuition may be their gift but communication unwraps it. Visionary leads the world with words.

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