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Hawai`i Geocachers & GPS Enthusiasts
Ka Hui `Imi Pohakahuna

E Komo Mai!

Welcome to GPS Hawai`i, a friendly, informal group of geocachers in the islands. Whether you're a stash-hunting veteran or new to GPS in general, we're glad you found us.

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D E P A R T M E N T S :

  • Ko Makou Mana`o — What it's all about, in 2,000 words or fewer. About Geocaching, GPS & GPS Hawai`i.
  • GPS Hawai`i Talk — A place on the web just for Hawai`i geocachers and GPS enthusiasts to interact, ask questions, and meet up.
  • GPS Hawai`i List — News and chatter that comes to you. Subscribe at the Yahoo! Groups site, or automatically via e-mail.
  • GPS Hawai`i Gallery — Our photo collection. Geocache views, cache events, and members just geeking out.
  • GPS Hawai`i Files — Our online "cache" of goodies — track files, graphics, and special documents.
  • GPS Hawai`i Links — Great websites and other online resources. Geocaching, geodashing, gear, books, and more.

Q U I C K   L I N K S :

R E S O U R C E S :

In the future, we hope to provide resources of specific interested to Hawaii geocachers and geocachers visiting the islands, including information from land and parks authorities at the state and county level. We'll also be providing form letters to property owners and managers for cache placement requests, templates for cache labels and logs, and more. For now, please check out our files and link collection.